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Established 1956

Our highly skilled personnel and equipment has made our company a leader in its field. Whether your problem involves a single unit or production quantities, MOC is geared to serve you. The separation of prototype development from general production activities along with specialized equipment has permitted MOC to develop, produce and deliver in a shorter time allotment than ever possible in the industry.

We are interested in executing your specifications economically and on schedule.

Manufacturers Of Custom Fabricated Lenses: Reticles, Lenses, Face Plates, Wedges, Mirrors, Rods, Achromats, and Bars. Precision Lapping Of Concave, Convex Or Flat Shapes To 2-4 Micro Finish.

Quartz, Fused Silica, BK-7, Crown, Pyrex, #8337, Filter Glass

McMillan Optical Company
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